How do I know when to AdBlue®?

If the tank needs to be topped up, the urea warning light will come on when you switch on the ignition. You should arrange to have it topped up as soon as possible, but it will display a message letting you know how many more miles you can drive before the vehicle will not restart. Please refer to your Vehicle Handbook for more information on the warning light and associated messages.

Your local Peugeot dealer will top up your AdBlue® tank with 10 litres of fluid at a respective price, if a top up is needed before the scheduled service. Contact your local Peugeot dealer to arrange a refill as soon as necessary. This is a quick and simple thing to do, so we offer it as part of our while-you-wait service.

Peugeot recommends that due to the position of the AdBlue® tank, your local Peugeot approved repairer carries this out for you. However, if you wish to refill the AdBlue® fluid yourself, it is imperative to ensure that the product used is the genuine Peugeot product, the engine is switched off and that the vehicle is on a flat surface. Please refer to the Vehicle Handbook to find the location of the AdBlue® tank.  

(Peugeot AdBlue® is purchased from our Spare parts shop in Blata L-Bajda or from our Peugeot approved repairers)

Can I drive with an empty AdBlue tank?

No. If the tank runs out the vehicle can't be restarted after the engine has been switched off. To enable the engine to restart a minimum of 3.8 litres of AdBlue® must be added.

I would like to learn to drive in a Peugeot.

How can I find a driving school that offers Peugeot models?

We offer many cars that are great to learn to drive in, like the Peugeot 208 for example. To find a driving school near you offering a Peugeot for your driving lessons, we would recommend that you contact our administration office on 2123 8854/ 2122 1951 and we will guide you accordingly.   

I have a technical question about my vehicle

Who should I speak to?

If you can't find the item in the handbook of your vehicle, we'd recommend that you contact local Peugeot approved repairer. They are there to support and offer you any help should you need any technical advice or information, our technicians will be happy to help.

To find your local Peugeot dealer, please click here.

Where can I get a map update for my navigation system?

Peugeot Map updates for your satnav system give your satnav the new data it needs to get you to your destination reliably. With traffic directions, road rules and structures changing all the time, it's important to stay up to date.

New map updates include thousands of miles of roads and the locations of many restaurants, hotels, car parks and service stations. So whether you're looking for a particular place, or wanting to know about the local area, an updated satnav gets it right first time.

The process of updating your maps is by:

  • logging on to a dedicated web-site that is
  • Select the brand and enter the chassis number of your vehicle in the space provided,
  • The site will then automatically inform you if your satnav needs any updates.( A price list for all updates is also available on the same site.)

For any further assistance, please contact any of our Peugeot approved repairers who are ready to help you out with any technical issues on this subject. 

Why should I get my timing belt checked?

You should get your timing belt checked:

  • To avoid expensive repair costs: if your timing belt breaks, your engine’s moving parts could collide, causing significant damage or possibly leading to a complete replacement engine.
  • To avoid breakdowns: even if the engine isn’t damaged, timing belt failure will lead to your vehicle breaking down.
  • To avoid potentially dangerous accidents: if your timing belt fails while driving, it could cause a serious accident, especially at high speeds.

What is the FAP system?

A Diesel Particulate Filter (FAP) is part of the vehicle’s exhaust system. It traps "soot" particles created during the normal operation of the diesel engine.

The filter is made up of a ceramic core which the exhaust gasses are forced through by the temperature and pressure created as they leave the engine. The "soot" particles are trapped in the filter until a predetermined level is reached. At this point the filter will clean itself by a process called regeneration, which increases the temperature inside the filter and incinerates any trapped soot particles inside the filter.

How can I get a new set of keys for my vehicle?

If you lose one of your car keys, or need a replacement or additional key for any reason, simply contact the Service department of any Peugeot approved repairer who will be able to order one for you. There is a charge for a new key, programming and coding, which varies depending on the model. Your dealer will be able to give you the cost when you contact them.

Which parts are covered by the contractual warranty?

The Peugeot contractual warranty consists of the replacement or the repair of parts on your vehicle recognised as faulty, whether they are mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or electronic.

The Peugeot warranty does not cover wear parts, costs relating to the routine servicing of your vehicle or the purchase of accessories.

For more information, please contact our administration office on 21 238854 / 21221951

Where can I get parts for my Peugeot?

Peugeot genuine parts are sold from our spare parts outlet in National Road Blata L-Bajda just next to the Peugeot new car sales showroom. Contact numbers:  21238854 / 21221951 extension: 2  email:  You can also arrange to have any part fitted by our Peugeot approved repairers. 

How can I find my local Peugeot Approved Repairer?

There are two Peugeot Approved repairers in our Network who will be more than happy to assist with your vehicle's servicing and maintenance needs. Find your local dealer and view their contact details.>