Stand out in the city and assert your own style! Select from hatchback or TOP! with retractable fabric roof. Play with personalisation options, interior ambiences and paint finishes and discover the pleasure of driving a city car that is truly your own!


Introducing our new Autumn collection featuring this season’s on-trend models :

• The 108 Active with Barcode theme : offering a fun, fashionable look that falls within everyone’s budget.

• The 108 Allure with Diamond theme : bringing additional technology to that individualistic look.

Personalisation themes include (according to version):

Carpet Mats                       Small Rear Decal

Key Fob Cover                   Large Rear Decal

Door Mirror Shells               Roof Decal

Dashboard Decal                Side Decals         

Bonnet Decal                     B Post Decal

Drive yours today and stay one-step ahead on the fashion scene.


The Dressy theme reinterprets the timeless dogtooth design for Peugeot 108. Rediscover an elegant and sporty pattern - the precision and contrast of this haute couture classic creates a fashionable, ultra-chic look.


The Playlist theme is conceived especially for the music lover in you, with audio player-inspired pictograms that reflect your eclectic musical taste.

Disco, rock, pop, electro… go ahead, roam the city at your own tempo - the 108 will have no trouble keeping up!


The Diamond theme stands for multifaceted elegance. Its contrasting matt and shiny prisms give a sense of volume and movement to the body work.

This theme attracts attention with its glamorous, rock look.


The Dual personalisation theme is available on both 3 and 5-door versions with two-tone colour option.


Its gradient bodyline sticker runs along the length of the vehicle as a dividing line. These exclusive combinations create an assertive look - so choose your dual theme according to your mood!

Select from:

  • Laser Red/Zircon Grey

  • Diamond White/Zircon Grey

  • Diamond White/Tahoe Blue

  • Purple Berry/Raven Black

  • Laser Red/Raven Black

  • Carbon Grey/Raven Black



Technological and urban, the Barcode theme plays with lines and colours to challenge conventional dress codes. This ultra-contemporary theme represents the modernity of Peugeot 108.



The Tattoo theme is a floral motif inspired by street art. The angular flowers and petals, almost metallic in style, follow a precise layout. The Peugeot 108 reveals a daring and offbeat style with the Tattoo theme: Romanticism meets urban boldness.



The Peugeot 108’s Sport theme takes its style from the world of motor racing. Its bonnet and rear wings display a layered checkerboard pattern and the brilliant black door mirror covers are outlined in red edging. Specific carpet mats complete the look, creating a trendy, urban look.

Level of personalisation varies according to theme and body style.