To protect those dearest to you, look no further than Peugeot 308, with Isofix mounting points, a cabin covered by six airbags and the peace of mind of a Euro NCAP five star rating mean you can relax, Peugeot 308 has it all covered.  



Linked to the City Park pack, this technology provides information to the driver during a journey on the presence of a vehicle or motorcycle in the blind spot. The system works using bumper mounted sensors to give additional confidence when changing lanes. If a vehicle is detected the driver is informed through the illumination of an LED light located in the door mirrors.


Driver Assistance Pack

For added peace of mind on the road the Peugeot 308 can be specified with a Driver Assistance Pack. Controlled by a radar mounted within the front bumper, the system features 3 key elements to keep you and your family safe at all times

Dynamic Cruise Control: 'intelligent' cruise control that can use engine braking to maintain a set distance (1-2 seconds) between the Peugeot 308 and the car in front.

Emergency Collision Alert System: an audible & visual alert to the driver to take action to avoid a collision.

Emergency Collision Autonomous Braking System: if a collision is imminent the Peugeot 308 makes an automatic brake application to reduce speed by a maximum of 12mph to reduce the severity of impact.



Peugeot is proud to be one of the pioneers and leaders of vehicle-locating technologies, having first introduced the technology in 2003, Peugeot Connect SOS and Assistance has come to the assistance of over 7,000 individuals since. Available as an option across the Peugeot 308 range, Peugeot Connect SOS is available for the life of the car without subscription charges.

The system is an emergency call service linked to an independent telematic unit located in the vehicle and can be operated manually via the dedicated button in the roof or automatically by the Peugeot 308 (if airbags are deployed). It locates the vehicle precisely and if the driver and the passengers are not able to take the telephone call, the Peugeot Connect SOS team send the emergency services immediately.

Peugeot Connect Assistance is activated when one of the occupants presses the Peugeot Lion button for more than 2 seconds. Once they are in contact, Peugeot Assistance services are subject to the terms and conditions of the contractual warranty or the service contracts.


For a quicker and safer way to park the Peugeot 308 can be specified with an automated parking system. The system provides active assistance for parking by detecting a parking space and then operating the steering system to park in the space whilst the maintains pedal and gearbox control. The system works with both parallel and bay parking and incorporates blind spot monitoring. Just another handy feature to make life on the roads just that bit easier.



For one less thing to think about, Peugeot 308 models feature an electric parking brake on Allure level and above. The system frees up interior space which is in keeping with our Peugeot i-Cockpit philosophy and as the system is automated, the parking brake automatically applies when switching off the ignition, eradicating the chance of forgetting to apply the handbrake.

The system has a stronger hold when parking on hills, automatically releases when driving away and as there are no cables to stretch the system does not require the adjustment of a manual handbrake over the life of the car.

In conjunction with the electric parking brake, the Peugeot 308 also features hill start assist, a system that is 'always on' that does not need to be activated every time you start the car. On inclines of greater than 3% Peugeot 308 will automatically hold for 2 seconds to allow you to move off safely and securely.



Peugeot 308 offers optimum protection for you and your family. All models features 6 airbags as standard, with protection comprising of:

Driver & front passenger airbags: providing frontal protection for front seat occupants. Front passenger airbag can be deactivated to allow for the fitment of a child seat.

Front side airbags: located in the seat frame on the outside edge of the front seats; they inflate between front seat occupants and the front doors, providing thorax protection in a side impact.

Curtain airbags: located either side of the 308, these deploy in a side impact and provide head protection for both front and rear occupants in a side impact.

In addition deployment of the airbags causes the fuel supply to be cut off, doors will automatically unlock, hazard warning lamps will activate and if specified, Peugeot Connect SOS will automatically trigger, identify the precise location of the vehicle and deploy the emergency services if no response is recieved from the occupants onboard.



Here at Peugeot safety is of paramount importance. With this in mind, every part of the Peugeot 308 has been designed to protect you and those dearest to you.

In recognition of this, the Peugeot 308 was awarded a five star rating - the highest rating possible - from Euro NCAP, the most widely-recognised independent vehicle safety assessor in Europe, following extensive and rigorous crash testing.