Our electric vehicles

Go zero emissions with PEUGEOT electric cars.

Our range of electric vehicles can meet all your needs: ultra-compact city car, compact SUV, family MPV, Combispace.

PEUGEOT 100% electric vehicles combine innovative design, remarkable environmental performance and cutting-edge technologies.



Up to 362 km of WLTP range


With its lively and modern silhouette, our electric city car will follow you wherever you go. Discover the all-new i-Cockpit® 3D which offers you a new immersive driving sensation.


PEUGEOT e-2008

Up to 345 km of WLTP range


Thanks to its design asserting its power and sportiness, as well as the i-Cockpit® 3D, savor the unsuspected sensations of new e-mobility with our electric Compact SUV.


PEUGEOT e-Rifter

Up to 280 km of WLTP range


With its muscular and robust style, modern and technological interior and remarkable habitability and modularity, our electric MPV invites you to a unique living experience.


PEUGEOT e-Traveller

Up to 330 km of WLTP range with the 75 kWh battery. 230 km WLTP with the 50 kWh battery


Thanks to its remarkable habitability and modularity, our electric combispace is an invitation to hit the road for comfortable journeys.



PEUGEOT electric engines allow zero-emission, smooth and noise-free driving as well as quality road services.

The permanent magnet electric motor offers a maximum power of 100 kW / 136 hp and a torque of 260 Nm for optimal driving pleasure.


The high voltage Lithium-ion battery (400V) is the on-board electrical energy storage device. It is located under the floor, which preserves on-board space and trunk volume. The battery has a capacity of 50 kWh 75 kWh battery also available on PEUGEOT e-Traveller depending on the version and a maximum power of 100 kW for a range of up to 362 km WLTP(i) for the PEUGEOT e-208. The range and power consumption values indicated comply with the WLTP test procedure on the basis of which new vehicles have been approved since September 1, 2018. They may vary depending on actual conditions of use and various factors. such as: speed, thermal comfort on board the vehicle, driving style and outside temperature. The charging time depends in particular on the power of the charger on board the vehicle, the charging cable, as well as the type and power of the charging station used. Please contact your point of sale for more information. More information on Mixed CO2 emissions: 0g during the driving phase.

The associated thermal regulation by liquid circulation and heat pump allows ultra-rapid recharging, optimized autonomy and increased lifespan.

For your peace of mind, the battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km for 70% of its charging capacity(i) For customers who have subscribed to a service contract, a certificate attesting to the level of battery charging performance may be made available after each periodic inspection of the vehicle. This certificate, when the vehicle is resold, will be a guarantee of battery performance for the new owner. .

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The range of PEUGEOT electric cars allows you to travel up to 362 km WLTP with a PEUGEOT e-208. To guarantee you a peaceful experience, find all the useful information here.
Combine home charging and public charging to make your daily life easier: benefit from a vast network of more than 250,000 charging stations in Europe.