Adjustable chassis and engine, resonant exhaust, suspension, brakes - every technological element is in place, all working together to make this the very essence of the sporting spirit that drives Peugeot Sport.



The entire vertical suspension at the front has been specially designed, combining the following:

  • bespoke spring stiffness
  • a calibrated shock absorber with a hydraulic damping stop designed to limit noise
  • a progressive bump stop that's been stiffened and extended so as to begin working the moment compression starts at times when the driver is the only one aboard.

To ensure a better match with the rear axle, the anti-roll bar is more malleable. On the rear axle, the stiffness of the cross-beam and filters has been boosted, rising from 30 to 500 daN/mm along the lateral axis and from 170 to 490 daN/mm along the vertical.



The running gear is precisely balanced, delivering dynamic driving and complete confidence. The pseudo-McPherson strut in the front operates with precision, while the torsion beam in the rear ensures seamless pairing. These components also help reduce the car's overall weight, with a semi-hollow anti-roll bar and aluminium wishbones in the front.

Peugeot Sport have been equally meticulous as regards the bushings - a part made of flexible material capable of absorbing impacts and vibrations between mechanical systems and the structure supporting them - for the engine these too have been stiffened. The benefits are immediately apparent: as soon as you enter a curve in the road, the car turns promptly, without any delay or improper movement.


The Torsen® limited-slip differential is an exclusive feature of the GTi 270 hp version, incorporated into the gearbox for more dynamic cornering. This channels torque to the wheel with the most grip, allowing the driver to accelerate earlier when coming out of a bend.

Meanwhile, the wheel is relaying precise data, and the car faithfully executes every turn initiated via the compact steering wheel.



The Torsen® limited-slip differential also draws on new Traction Control rules for optimised implementation. The sportier Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) creates more latitude, and in particular enhanced drift on winding roads. Thanks to the friction of the planetary gears - which transmits the torque - the two front wheels remain at roughly similar speed when cornering, so the car follows the correct trajectory.


The electronic driver assistance software is thoroughly in keeping with the car's sporty personality. The guidelines for the power-assisted steering have been specially designed to dovetail with the Torsen® limited-slip differential.



The Driver Sport Pack offers you the option of further enhancing the sporty ambiance of the vehicle. Just press the SPORT button on the centre console, and the instrumentation changes from white to red, and more information becomes available on the centre panel (power, torque, turbo pressure, lateral and longitudinal acceleration), the engine sound is amplified (via the audio system) and the accelerator pedal mapping adjusted.