Quite simply, the Peugeot 308 is designed to be the most efficient car in its class.


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A range of petrol and diesel engines are available on the 308. The new 3-cylinder turbo petrol engines offer power and fuel economy, with CO2 from just 104g/km. And the headline BlueHDi engine produces 120bhp, but just 82g of CO2 per kilometre, making life cheaper at the pumps and with the tax man.

Weight Reduction

Lean engines can only do so much, so we made the latest 308 leaner too - a massive 140kgs lighter than the previous model, most of which is due to the new chassis. But clever production techniques and use of ultra high-strength steel means the weight savings come without compromise in quality or rigidity, which makes for a great drive.

Driving Dynamics

The suspension on the 308 has been optimised to take advantage of the lower weight, and it doesn't end there - because the centre of gravity of the car has dropped by 2cm and the new chassis has allowed the wheels to be pushed right out to sit flush with the bodywork, this really is a car that loves corners - and so will you.