Partner Tepee

Self-assured and surprisingly sporty, the Peugeot Partner Tepee exudes confidence. With a coolly assertive design and a well-earned reputation for toughness, it’s one of the most dynamic leisure activity cars around.



The bold look of the Partner Tepee matches its robust, modern personality. Its front face incorporating a vertical grille with the iconic Peugeot lion and a tautly sculpted bumper hints at the character and power beneath.



Elegant and expressive, the headlights fit snugly into the contours of the silhouette, while the LED daytime running lights accentuate its front face.

Front fog lights give you improved safety and visibility with static intersection lighting, which illuminates the inside of a curve when you’re driving at speeds under 25 mph – particularly useful for city driving, junctions, winding roads and parking.



Kids, bikes, furniture – whatever you need to carry, the Peugeot Tepee makes it easy. It has two sliding side doors, a generous tailgate with a wide opening angle and low sill, retractable and removable parcel shelf plus a rear windscreen that can be opened – handy for when you’re parked in a tight spot.



Flexibility is the name of the game with the Partner Tepee.  Need even more space? No problem.  Optional roof bars let you carry an extra 80 kg and can be fitted lengthways or widthways – whatever suits your needs.



Your Partner Tepee is available with the following wheels :

15” Steel wheels – available on the Active Version

16” Alloy wheels – available on the Outdoor version*

*Not available on the ETG versions.