Partner Tepee

Enjoy every drive knowing that you and your family are in safe hands. With the latest protective equipment, the Peugeot Partner Tepee is always looking out for you.



You can’t always predict what’s coming, so trust the Active City Brake* to respond even faster than you can. When you’re driving at speeds below 20 mph, it uses sensors to monitor the distance between you and the car ahead, automatically applying the brakes if it detects that a collision is about to happen.

*Optional at additional cost on Outdoor version only.



Take the stress and risk out of parking with the reversing camera*.   It comes on automatically when you put the car in reverse and lets you see how close you are to other cars or objects.

*Optional at additional cost.



Tackle the tightest spots confidently with front and rear parking sensors* on the Partner Tepee.

As you manoeuvre, audio and visual alerts help you park quickly with no risk of bumps or scrapes.

*Optional at additional cost.



The Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) is one of the most advanced safety features available. It combines Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) with the Anti-Skid Regulation (ASR) system. DSC detects and corrects the first hint of understeer or over-steer, while ASR reduces engine power and applies the brakes to individual wheels to help you stay safe and in control.

Department of Transport statistics show that cars fitted with ESP are 25% less likely to be involved in fatal accidents.



For extra comfort and safety on long journeys in the Peugeot Partner Tepee, cruise control allows you to maintain a constant speed without keeping your foot on the accelerator.

The speed limiter prevents you from exceeding a pre-set speed, so you won’t have to worry about going too fast.