5 Years Plus Service Packs


Service your vehicle with the full expertise of our Peugeot Professionals; using only Peugeot Original Parts. Your Peugeot should remain a Peugeot. It's a matter of safety.

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Michael Attard Services Ltd
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Burmarrad Commercials (Burmarrad)
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* If your vehicle is within the first two years of warranty please call Peugeot Assistance on 80072228. Terms & Conditions apply.

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Service Information

Interim Service

To be done every 10,000km or 6 months whichever comes first.


Full Service

To be done every 30,000km

Seated in the Vehicle
Service Interim Full
Horn check Yes Yes
Operation of the windscreen washer jets check Yes Yes
Operation of the lights check Yes Yes
Clutch stroke check Yes Yes
Handbrake check Yes Yes
Under the Vehicle
Service Interim Full
Engine oil change Yes Yes
Oil filter change Yes Yes
Manual gearbox level   Yes
Wear in the rear brake linings check   Yes
Shock absorbers seal check   Yes
Hydraulic circuits, hoses and casings seals and state check Yes Yes
Rubber boots condition check Yes Yes
Condition of, and play in, the hubs, tie rods, ball joints and elastic joints check   Yes
Around the vehicle
Service Interim Full
Brake pads condition check Yes Yes
Tyre condition and tyre pressure check Yes Yes
Headlights optics and lights overlays condition check Yes Yes
Wiper blades condition check Yes Yes
Windows and rear-view mirrors condition check Yes Yes
Under the hood
Service Interim Full
Fuel Filter element change   Yes
Spark plugs (Petrol engine models only)   Yes
Air Filter element change   Yes
Fuel Filter drain Yes  
Engine oil level check Yes Yes
Battery level check (If it has removable caps) Yes Yes
Front and rear screen wipers level check Yes Yes
Coolant level check Yes Yes
Brake fluid level check Yes Yes
Power steering fluid level check Yes Yes
Automatic clutch travel check Yes Yes
Accessory belts condition and tension check Yes Yes
Pollen filter check Yes Yes
Anti-pollution check (Petrol engine models only) Yes Yes
Opacity of fumes check (Diesel engine models only)   Yes

The full expertise of Peugeot Professionals.

The technicians in charge of your vehicle are selected from the best of their profession and undergo continuous training.

Thus, irrespective of the age and/or the mileage of your vehicle, the Peugeot network offers a service fully suited to your requirements and meeting the manufacturer's requirements. Respecting the maintenance cycle therefore preserves the qualities of your Peugeot and gives you peace of mind.

Peugeot Original Parts

Your Peugeot should remain a Peugeot.

It's a matter of safety.

 Peugeot original parts are developed at the design stage of your Peugeot and meet draconian specifications. Fitting out your Peugeot with Peugeot Original Parts is your guarantee of maintaining a safe and comfortable vehicle, as well as ensuring longevity thanks to reliable and high quality parts.

Additional to Service Packages 

+ Diagnostic €8.85
+ VRT Test €20.30
+ Replacement Car €18/ Day